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FFCMS 3 download page

On this page you can download the latest stable version of ffcms content management system. We are strongly recommend you to install ffcms package via composer version and dependency manager.

Download via composer

# install global asset plugin
composer global require "fxp/composer-asset-plugin:1.3.*"
# copy ffcms distributive in ./path/to/root
composer create-project phpffcms/ffcms ./path/to/root 3.0.2 --keep-vcs --prefer-dist
# make updates for distributive
composer update
# run console installer
php console.php main:install

Archive versions

Version Date Download
3.0.1 28.05.2017 Download
3.0.0 16.01.2017 Download
3.0.0-RC 22.10.2016 Download
2.0.4 28.10.2014 Download
2.0.3 08.10.2014 Download
2.0.2 20.09.2014 Download
2.0.1 14.08.2014 Download
2.0.0 05.07.2014 Download
1.2.1 07.11.2013 Download
1.2.0 02.11.2013 Download
1.1.0 28.09.2013 Download
1.0.0 04.08.2013 Download
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