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FFCMS update - 3.0.2

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Poster for: ffcms update - 3.0.2

Today,24.08.2017 we are ready to present you the next minor update of FFCMS - 3.0.2. This update is "cumulative" for the time elapsed since the release of version 3.0.1. 

This update contains a sufficient number of patches and bug fixes which I found on my own projects and our customers sent as feedback. With the distributive update  the core update was released.


Changelog of ffcms 3.0.1 -> 3.0.2:

  • Manual update process was fixed (depends of github api changes)
  • User recovery password procedure was changed - now user can set password by himself, no password will be generated automatic.Added event trigger of password change/recovery. 
  • Fix user group permission control (sometimes checkbox look's bugged and not work)
  • Fix user personal message scroll down on new message (before scrolldown looks bugged when calculate height offset)
  • Comment load via ajax fixed (before if locale separating is enabled counter work incorrect). Added missing translation.
  • All links inserted in any wysiwyg area now has default attribute target=_blank. All links inserted by ctrl+v now cutted to domain name size.
  • Sitemap cron build are reworked - now will generate as parts (5000 rows by one cycle) to improve performance and reduce memory usage.
  • E_NOTICE was removed from messages in console
  • Add comment and wallpost wysiwyg editor image processing by imgur api.
  • New user feed line
  • Added wysiwyg support for user wall posts

This update are available to download in download page. You can update your project using composer update.


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