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FFCMS - content management system

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FFCMS - fast flexible content management system for websites, writted on PHP programming language and support few popular database engines: mysql, pgsql, sqlite. Now the current active development branch is 3'rd version of the system, whose main tasks is to rework systems to modern requirements of the users and developers. FFCMS is distibute under the open source license - MIT, which allow you to use, modify or redistribute cms totally FREE without any license conditions.

User advantage

  • User-friendly graphic interfaces
  • Simple system install
  • Smart content management application
  • Mechanisms of interaction with users
  • Flexible system and extensions configuration
  • Simple templating and extending system

Developer advantage

  • Ease to develop - union MVC architecture of the system and applications
  • User and developer API documentation
  • Support of modern instruments - composer and git
  • Simple console developer interface
  • Young community and friendly developers


FFCMS 3 got a high working speed and greater performance - to load a single page system use low then 0.1 seconds and 7mb of memory. Also system have caching engine for sql-queries and heavy objects.


System architecture of FFCMS 3 allow you faster and simple extend functional capabilities of your own website using applications and widgets. All ffcms extensions follow the union developer logic - MVC.


In base of FFCMS 3 architecture included extended support of internalization system (i18n) for all applications and widgets. It allow you to build website for many different language community.

FFCMS 3 have full support of newest version php 7.0 and 7.1, thats allow you to improve your website performance in several times. But system still support currently actual php versions: 5.5 and 5.6. Also you can use your favorite database engine, like mysql or pgsql or you can use file-based database like sqlite.

Basic package of FFCMS 3.0

  • Settings - simple and friendly interface of basic website configurations
  • Files - friendly graphic interfrace to work with system files in FFCMS
  • Antivirus - signature algorithm of file analyse for suspecious and malware code
  • Routing - extended algorithm of URI routing binding on website
  • Updates - check for newest updates of your system
  • Apps and widgets - install, configure, disable and enable of exist or newest ffcms extensions
  • Content: create, edit, update or delete content pages (articles, news, pages, categories, etc)
  • User identity: extended system of register, auth users and system to control this
  • User profiles: extended system of user profiles with performance of social network
  • Feedback: system to discuss between website users and administrators in ticket system
  • Search: website search algorithm with elements of live search
  • Sitemap: automatic building of website sitemap in xml format
  • Comments: display comment add form and exist comments list on applications pages
  • New content: display block with information about latest publications from content category
  • Content tags: display block with information about popular content tags
  • New comments: display latest list of comments
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